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Bali Sacred Spirit Tour

Mary is excited and grateful to be able to offer her third trip to Bali through Bali Soul Adventures to all current clients. Bali Soul Adventures organizes some of the finest and most unique excursions and retreats available.

September 9 – 18, 2019


Join us as we explore the beautiful island paradise of Bali, Indonesia. Widely acclaimed and celebrated for the beauty of its beaches, the grandeur of its mountains and volcanoes and the serenity of its countryside, Bali is also renowned for the high culture, creativity and spirituality of its smiling, gentle people.

Bali Soul Adventures’ Tour Organizer, Tom Margrave (Mary‘s brother), and Princess Cokorda Ratih, Cultural Ambassador and Professional Guide, join Mary to facilitate a heart opening exploration of a way of life and culture deeply grounded in its sense of Divine purpose and spiritual connection. As you discover the beauty of the island’s temples, its landscapes, and its people and their traditions… as you are immersed in a culture where awareness of, and devotion to Spirit permeates every aspect of life… you may very well experience subtle but powerful shifts in your own awareness and relationship to the Divine.




Visit the home of Ketut Liyer, traditional Balinese healer and shaman featured in the book ‘Eat Pray Love’ and receive a blessing by his son.



Experience multi-dimensional healing from traditional Balinese healers and with our own tour leaders Mary Margrave and Susan Carollo.


Visit Pura Tirta Empul, one of the holiest sites in all of Bali and participate in an ancient purification ritual in the spiritually charged waters.



Elevated to an art form, Bali’s culture of world class spa services offers an amazing experience of deep relaxation and renewal.


With an energetic field of deep, devotional spirituality suffusing all of Bali, prayers in the temples and holy sites are particularly potent.



From the sandy beaches to the majestic volcanoes to the verdant rice fields, the beauty of Bali opens our hearts and connects us to the Divine.

Boutique Hotels

Tour accommodations are simply amazing as we enjoy the amenities of two world class boutique hotels at the shore and in the highlands.


And Much More!

Wonderful shopping in local markets, unique arts and crafts, exciting dance performances, amazing local and international food…

Life changing event

I can’t put my finger on one favorite experience, due to the fact everything was so special. I truly enjoyed the fact that everything was set for the group but there was no pressure to do everything everyday.
This was a life changing event for me and I could not be more blessed to have been part of this lovely journey of self-discovery in Bali. The gifts and knowledge I have returned with are absolutely priceless.


Marilyn Abel

Everything was impeccable

Ratih’s personal stories, experiences, insights, and guidance into the Balinese culture. Having an ‘insider’ perspective was invaluable and special. Beautiful hotels and seamless transitions. Variety of high quality cultural experiences to choose from (not to mention the VIP treatment!). All the pre-trip emails/literature was much needed and appreciated. Mary’s Channeling night – was very special to witness. Hotels – Everything was impeccable! Fabulous service.


Denise Endsley

Highlight of my life

Our trip to Bali was one of the highlights of my life!
I appreciated the careful planning and instructions we received from Tom. Every temple ceremony was deeply meaningful. Ratih is so loving and personable; giving and sharing her knowledge of her people’s culture, religion and history. She treated us like royalty when she herself is royalty.


LaVon Westfall

Amazing beyond words

My trip to Bali was amazing beyond words and has changed my life! The people and customs of Bali, are so beautiful! The temples were awe-inspiring, and have such powerful energy… I felt the presence of the Divine enter my body and surround me with pure love and compassion. I experienced such a lightness, almost surreal at times.
Mary gave me personal counsel in her free time, Tom was an exceptional coordinator, and Ratih is one of the most beautiful souls I have had the pleasure to meet. They were there to help us in every way. My personal time with each one was truly special and helped me to manifest my intentions for the trip.


Gina Spicer


All current clientele are welcome to join us on the Bali Sacred Spirit Tour.
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