Mary supports her clients in their personal and spiritual awakening.


The discovery and opening to that which is hidden from their conscious awareness


Living in their deeper Self and Truth


Learning to integrate their Feminine and Masculine aspects


Teaching practical skills to assist them in accessing their personal power through their relationship with their Higher Self and Spirit

“In order to receive answers of any real value one must ask the right questions.”


Mary begins with the profound conviction that the capacity to consciously connect with one’s Higher Self and Spirit exists within each one of us, and is, in fact, our birthright. As a metaphysical diagnostician, teacher, and intuitive, Mary bridges the dimensions, acting as a conscious portal of communication for loving Beings of Light, whom she refers to as the Guides. Through the process of Soul Attunements, she assists her clients in seeing themselves through the eyes of Love, as they learn to access and trust their own unique spiritual gifts, strengths, and abilities.

In order to receive answers of any real value one must ask the right questions. When we learn to sit in those questions we become teachable and the Soul spontaneously comes forward. Then a conscious relationship with the deeper Self can begin.

This process of asking and sitting in the right questions allows Loving Awareness (Spirit) to enter into one’s conscious awareness and an organic, spontaneous healing process is initiated whereby:

Energetic blockages begin to dissolve
Fragments of one’s Self that had been held outside of conscious awareness begin to re-integrate with the personality self
Enormous amounts of Soul Energy and Creativity are freed up within the individual

Clients often discover that hidden beneath the places where they have been holding the greatest self-judgment are the seeds of their greatest gifts… that is, their Gold. 



Mary’s work is grounded in offering very practical, day-to-day tools with the goal of self-awareness and self empowerment. Clients are supported to access and harness positive archetypal essences as they simultaneously become aware of — and learn how to — transform the shadow. The Guides move seamlessly in and out of Mary’s work transmitting messages and providing teachings to support healing and the expansion of the client’s conscious awareness. Always the ultimate goal is to assist and support the client to open up access to their own connection with the Great Self.


Thank you

“When I first met Mary and the Guides my life – physical, energetic and spiritual – were all stuffed in a box like a thousand jigsaw puzzle pieces. Now, they are out of the box and gracefully falling into place and the vista is one of peace, acceptance and gentle purpose. Thank you, a thousand times Thank you!”


Joy K.

Energized and empowered

“Each session has opened a door I did not know was there, behind which lay solutions to lifelong puzzles and negative patterns. I have been energized and empowered each time.”


Alicia L.

Deeper levels

“Mary helped me by going to deeper levels of the soul that I knew needed to be cleared — those things that can be really uncomfortable. She handled the situation with grace, dignity, candor, and a practical spiritual action plan. Thank you Mary! And thank you to your guides!”


Linda K.

Lightness of being

“The moments when the guides honor the life long internal knowing I have had, rock me to the core and open the veil a little bit more. Knowing I have been guided and loved for all time makes every painful moment worth it and allows a lightness of being to emerge. I am grateful beyond words for the light Mary has brought to my life.”


Lee S.

Shift in perception

“I was given redirection back to the road I once traveled… a simple shift in perception occurred and that’s all it took…..I am beyond grateful to Mary and the Guides for helping find the way I had lost….”


Helene B.